Book Launch!


Very exciting! Book Warehouse in Vancouver is hosting the very first ever book launch for Grim Hill. Yes, I know this is a launch for the 5th and 6th book, Forest of Secrets and Carnival of Secrets, but I’ve never had an official book launch. If you are near 4118 Main Street on Nov. 1st, stop in and join me. The launch is at 7:00. There will be fun and loads of books – so plenty to celebrate!



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4 responses to “Book Launch!

  1. Megan

    Hey, not sure if you remember me but I use to email you a lot and loved your series (still do, just re read it all today). Anyways just wanted to say congrats on your book launch and thanks for causing me a heart attack with your last post (thought you went to my public library but wrong province lol!). Also I’m still waiting for the 7th book, so like whenever that happens (and it must happen) let me know.

    • I do remember you Megan! I’m thrilled that you are rereading the books, and it’s so very nice to hear from you! Sorry about the wrong province – it’s always possible I’ll be travelling a bit more with these books in the future:) And as for a 7th book – well, it’s a new publisher so you just never know.

  2. Megan

    I have gotten into the habit of not replying to think until 2 weeks later. And I am trusting this new publisher to give me a 7th book.

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