Book Warehouse Launch



So it was a dark and stormy night!!!
And the setting at book warehouse was nice and spooky with the cauldron of goodies and bookmarks and shelves of Forest of Secrets and Ca.
I’m grateful to the people who made their way through the rain and the traffic to the event!!


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4 responses to “Book Warehouse Launch

  1. Lydia

    Hi! I noticed that you had a short story up for some time but took it down. Will you post it again? And will we ever hear from Cat again? I’m just a huge fan and can’t let the series go. They’re wonderful!

    • Thank you so much for the kind comments!!
      The short story came down because my publisher has it under consideration. I will touch base and see if I can put it back up again in the near future.
      As for more from Cat, it’s hard to say. Lovely reviews have been coming in with the launch of book six and the reissuing of book 5, and it certainly seems there’s interest!
      I would love a chance to dive back into that world.

  2. Lydia

    Thank you for responding! It’s great to hear that there is still interest in working on the Grim Hill series. As I said, they’re absolutely fantastic! I also remembered that there were talks of Grim Hill being developed into a cartoon series. What happened to that?

    • Sadly, even though the Grim Hill series was declared one of the top ten promising new children’s shows at MipCom in France, Wizard Hat (the production company) went under the same year as Grim Hill’s first publisher (along with lots of other book publishers.)
      I do feel fortunate to find a lovely new publisher (Wandering Fox at Heritage House) and to have the books doing so well.

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