Book Parties

Two good friends are celebrating book parties this week. Trust me, it’s totally worthwhile checking out their amazing books!! For you middle grade readers of all ages, Stephanie Burgis has her book, The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart launching this week in North America. It promises to be totally delectable.
The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

Emily Mah Tippetts (E.M. Tippetts) is launching her next amazing book in the Someone Else’s Fairy Tale series. These are a bit older and again, completely amazing. This book is: Whatever AfterWhatever After

I’m looking forward to reading both books!



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Book Warehouse Launch



So it was a dark and stormy night!!!
And the setting at book warehouse was nice and spooky with the cauldron of goodies and bookmarks and shelves of Forest of Secrets and Ca.
I’m grateful to the people who made their way through the rain and the traffic to the event!!


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November is shaping up to be a very exciting Grim Hill month. Nov. 1st is the book launch at Book Warehouse (see previous posts) and then November 22nd, I’ll be at Richmond Public Library,
100 – 7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond, BC, in the Kids’ Place program room. From 4-5, I’ll be doing a writing presentation for aspiring writers. Everyone is welcome, and I’m hoping it will be loads of fun!!

Shortly after I’ll be at a book event in Chapters, more to come later. Then I’ll be visiting Maple Ridge Nov. 30th for book fest.
What an awesome way to launch Forest of Secrets and Carnival of Secrets!

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October 19, 2016 · 2:54 am

Poster for the Book Launch


Here’s a link to the colourful poster Heritage House has created for my book launch Nov. 1st at Book Warehouse.

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Book Launch!


Very exciting! Book Warehouse in Vancouver is hosting the very first ever book launch for Grim Hill. Yes, I know this is a launch for the 5th and 6th book, Forest of Secrets and Carnival of Secrets, but I’ve never had an official book launch. If you are near 4118 Main Street on Nov. 1st, stop in and join me. The launch is at 7:00. There will be fun and loads of books – so plenty to celebrate!


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Grim Hill has found a wonderful new publisher!!! Heritage House under its imprint, Wandering Fox, will be publishing the Grim Hill books beginning with “The Secret of Grim Hill.” “The Secret of Grim Hill” will be released in October this fall 2015 just in time for Halloween. Books two, three and four of the series will be released in the spring of 2016. This means a lot of wonderful things: the books will be available in local bookstores; teachers and librarians can order the books; there might even be (never say never) more books in the series.

Heritage House has included a lovely addition of interesting questions for readers and an author interview.
Needless to say I am very excited.

And I thought after book six, there would not be much new news for the Grim Hill books.

Heritage Books:

Please spread the word.


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Happy Halloween everyone!

I’ve had a great writerly October at the Junior Authors Convention, the BC Teacher Library gala event, in helping out at the writers’ workshop at the Vancouver Science Fiction Convention, and catching some of the Writers’ Festival.
Seriously, it’s almost like a month long Halloween party. I learned some important lessons for writing as well, which, once I’ve cobbled it all together I’ll chat about on this blog.
In the meantime, phew, I’ll be quite happy to stay home tonight and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters.
I’ll sort of be participating in a fun Halloween event; my zombie story will be part of a Halloween production this evening:

Have a safe and fun evening!

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