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I began writing short stories publishing horror fiction in ChiZine, science fiction and dark fantasy in Canadian magazines NeoOpsis and Storyteller, and in anthologies.
The idea for my first children’s novel hit me out of the blue while I was watching my son play soccer in October. The fog rolled down the hill and onto the field, and I knew I wanted to write a spooky story about Halloween and a diabolical soccer match.

I didn’t want to write about the usual witches, ghosts and black cats around Halloween, although I love that spooky fun. Instead, I began digging into Halloween’s roots and the ancient traditions of Samhain. Suddenly I had a Halloween story with evil fairies and Celtic mythology that I called, The Secret of Grim Hill.

Right out of the gate, Grim hill had a full page review in the Globe and Mail, was chosen as one of the best books of 2008 by the Canadian Toy Council, and was the winner of the Ontario Library Association’s Silver Birch award.This led to a sequel, and then a series where the books have made it to the Canadian bestseller list and have been translated in French, Spanish and Korean.

So much for my little soccer story:)

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  1. I just wanted to thank you, Linda, for filling my daughter’s life with wonder and joy. Sarah has been devouring your books for years and your words have inspired her to share her own with the world.

    The Misadventure of Misery will be completed soon and then Sarah will have to decide which publishing route to travel, but none of this would have been possible without your presence.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for encouraging my daughter to pursue her dreams.

    • I wish her the best of luck

      • She’ll be overjoyed to hear that. Thank you.
        Incidentally, you should be receiving an e-mail from me with a request to participate in my 5×5 series on my blog.
        I imagine Sarah would be pleasantly shocked to hear I’ve scored an “interview” – 5×5 is not your father’s interview series – with one of her favorite authors.

        I realize you’re ridiculously busy, but if you have the time, I’d love to have you over for a visit.

  2. shruti

    hi i really liked all your grim hill books. can u please write another book because i feel like the story just didn’t complete yet. i have so many questions about the future of cat and her friends after reading carnival of secrets. i really want to know how the future looks like for cat and sookie. can u write more books about them or at least epilogue.

    • Thank you for letting me know you liked the books. I’d love to write more Cat and Sookie books because I really like the characters!!
      In the meantime, while it’s not a Grim Hill book, I have written a new mystery adventure with a new group of characters – The Mystery of Croaker’s Island. I hope you have a chance to check it out:)

  3. shruti

    thank you for replying. i will definitely read your new book.

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