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VIRTUAL BOOK LAUNCH!!! Carnival of Secrets up on Kindle and Kobo


I’ve decided to have several book launches – hey, it’s been a long haul.
The electronic books for Carnival of Secrets are now up!!! If you want to read Carnival of Secrets on your electronic devices – eBook, Kindle, Kobo, you can now purchase it at Kobo or Amazon!!

If you prefer a print copy, you’ll have to wait a little longer because I’m still working on the printing which takes longer. Hopefully soon, but probably not until the New Year.

I’m also going to post the electronic version on Smashwords soon, making it available more places

In the meantime, one party at a time:) (You will have to copy and paste these links, or use the links on the side of the page)

Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.ca/Grim-Hill-Carnival-Linda-DeMeulemeester-ebook/dp/B00H9ZMFO8/ref=pd_ecc_rvi_1


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Happy Halloween!


I’ve always wondered why cute cuddly owls are used as Halloween symbols. I mean really, what’s so scary about them. That is… I’ve wondered until this week…
We live close to a section of the Canada trail, and my husband and I love to hike down there every chance we get. Well, Monday we got a late start, and it was almost dusk when we hit the bottom of the trail which is close to the inlet. We were the only ones on the trail, and it was getting dark and more than a little spooky. Then we heard the most chilling sound. “That can’t be kids,” said my husband. I had no idea what could make such diabolical screeching. All I knew was that sound made the hair on the nape of my neck stand up, and my skin break out in goose bumps. We moved faster, rounded the corner of the trail and heard loud crashing. Leaves flew down and branches snapped as two huge gray owls swooped low over our heads, so close I could count the feathers on one’s outstretched wing.
Truly a Halloween moment!

Speaking of the fall, pumpkins and spookiness…stay tuned for the cover of Grim Hill: Carnival of Secrets. It’s coming very soon.

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Other Books

moonandstarSoon, as in a week or so, I’m excited to be rereleasing the whole Grim Hill series, books one to five, electronically. They’ll be individually priced and bundled for a Halloween special. These Ebooks will be available at Chapters, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. So if anyone has missed one of the series, or wants to reread and get ready for book six, Carnival of Secrets, they can download these books on E readers, laptops, cellphones and other digital devices.
In the meantime, here’s a shout out of some author friends of mine who write excellent middle grade and YA books. Ari Goelman has just published a very cool middle grade summer camp story. But it’s not your usual summer camp unless your camp has ghosts and golems and magic – oh my! It’s a very spooky fun read. PATH OF NAMES
When I was around eleven, I fell in love with a TV show called the Scarecrow of Romany Marsh. It was an adventure story about a highway man in the eighteenth century. How cool another author friend of mine, Stephanie Burgis, has published a series based on a girl who disguises herself as a highway man in regency England. Oh, and did I mention it’s a fantasy with lots of magic! KAT INCOURIGIBLE
The last book I’m recommending is a little older than middle grade. In fact it’s called New Adult, but I know some of you have been hanging in to read the sixth book for a while. My author friend, Emily Tippets (E.M. Tippets) published a very cool book that isn’t a fantasy except in some of our hearts. When Hollywood’s hottest actor falls for everygirl Chloe, everyone is dying to be her. But this just isn’t her fairy tale. SOMEONE ELSE’S FAIRY TALE
Happy reading!


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