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Star-Crossed Writer


Seriously, sometimes the writing life can look bleak.
It’s interesting that when it seems like an impossible goal, my non-writing friends have given me just the right encouragement at the right moment.
Once when I was in a tough writing workshop, I told a friend that it was too huge a challenge. Then she said to me, “How can you say that? You’re a parent and that’s the biggest challenge ever.” I thought about it and decided she was right. What could compare? I sailed through the rest of the workshop.

Another time, when the writing rejections were piling high, a friend who remembered that I’d published a short story right out of the gate in a popular New York magazine brought me a small gift. She cut out an article about that magazine and laminated it for me to post on my fridge. The article explained how that magazine received over 50,000 short story submissions a year and only published 30. My friend said, “Your story made it past 49,970 other competitors. Don’t think you can’t sell a story.”

The third advice I just received is timely. I’m thinking, yikes, what do I write next when I don’t have a publisher? This friend quoted a famous author. The author said he writes all the time, every day, endlessly…and only sometimes he sells something.
Whoa, even a famous author doesn’t easily find new homes for his manuscripts. It’s writing that’s important to him. Hey, that’s good enough for me.

In the meantime, I received the proof for Grim Hill: Carnival of Secrets. It looks every bit as amazing to me as the other Grim Hill books. I’ll post soon when it’s available!


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VIRTUAL BOOK LAUNCH!!! Carnival of Secrets up on Kindle and Kobo


I’ve decided to have several book launches – hey, it’s been a long haul.
The electronic books for Carnival of Secrets are now up!!! If you want to read Carnival of Secrets on your electronic devices – eBook, Kindle, Kobo, you can now purchase it at Kobo or Amazon!!

If you prefer a print copy, you’ll have to wait a little longer because I’m still working on the printing which takes longer. Hopefully soon, but probably not until the New Year.

I’m also going to post the electronic version on Smashwords soon, making it available more places

In the meantime, one party at a time:) (You will have to copy and paste these links, or use the links on the side of the page)

Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.ca/Grim-Hill-Carnival-Linda-DeMeulemeester-ebook/dp/B00H9ZMFO8/ref=pd_ecc_rvi_1


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More Grim Six News

Great news!! – Tammy Desnoyers of Tammy Design: http://www.tammydesign.ca who designed the other Grim Hill books – has come on board to help me with Grim Hill Six’s book layout, and also with reissuing print on demand of Grim Hill books one to five. That will mean if people prefer printed copies of Carnival of Secrets or the other Grim Hill books, they can order the printed books at their local bookstore. While the books won’t be sitting out on the shelves, they’ll be easy enough to order fairly soon..
Grim Hill books one to five electronic version are already up on Kobo and Amazon. I’ll work on getting them available other E-book places as well.
Things are coming together 🙂


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