The Write Moment


It’s been a fun summer, and this is the first rainy day in a long time, so I thought I’d better catch up with this blog.
So to continue and finish with the Write Moment…

Okay, forget the suspense and let’s cut to the chase. My time travel story never got published. Turns out, writing time travel stories was a lot harder than I thought –
But my second story was published. I’ll never forget the early morning call (the editors didn’t know I lived in a different time zone than New York) and the cheque which felt like so much money for doing what I loved. Since then I’ve sold almost all my short stories – one hasn’t found a home yet, but I live in hope.
Also I published the Grim Hill series.
The main thing is, though, I was happily addicted to writing.
I think you can get hooked on writing at any age.
I was older, but that’s okay too, because I’ve had a lot of fun interests in the meantime: interests like art, and reading and archeology and travel and well, loads of stuff. I moved from interest to interest (and still do – I’m currently dabbling with star-gazing) but once I’d stumbled onto serious writing, all my other interests fueled my primary passion for storytelling.
So, when do you know you want to write?
You’ll just know because it becomes irresistible.


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