Publishing my First Story


Part Three:
Okay, here’s where it got hard – sort of…well, not in the beginning.
Armed with the genre, an idea, a mood, and an atmosphere of mystery, I launched into a story about a woman who is drawn into a time portal.
I wrote with such fervour that by the end of a day, I’d written down the entire short story. Oh, how exciting it had been – as if I’d been on the grand adventure with my main character. Then over the next bit of time, how I loved crafting the sentences, mastering metaphors, and tightening the tension.
That fast, I’d fallen into a new passion, and strangely, developed a strong desire to share it with people.
So, I read the story to my husband who suggested I send it to the New Yorker (which is one of the reasons he’s a keeper) and I asked my friends to read it.
When a friend said, your story made me want to live in that apartment, to be that woman, I thought – mission accomplished!! That’s exactly how I wanted my reader to feel.
I got out an envelope and stuffed the story inside it, bought a stamp, carefully folded a return stamped envelope (I’d quickly done some homework and found out about proper manuscript format and how to submit a story) and fired it off to a SF magazine.
I waited on pins and needles for the magazine’s reply.
Then one day shortly after I sent out my manuscript, a letter from the magazine arrived.
I held my breath as I ripped open the envelope…

Tune in for Part Four



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9 responses to “Publishing my First Story

  1. Are you going to post chapter 5 for the book? I really love your series! Also, do you know any other books that have the same theme? Like with magic, witches, stuff like that?

    • Thank you!
      I’m thinking of posting another chapter early in the fall, close to the time the book is set.
      I’ll tell you a trick I use when I want to find a similar sort of story. I google Kobo or Amazon, type in the book I like and then see what other books they recommend.

  2. Sunshine

    I enjoy reading all these entries 🙂

  3. Rachel

    I love reading your books. I also wanted to try writing a book myself. Do you have any advice for me?

    • Thank you! As for writing advice – pick a story that would be so much fun to write, that you can hardly resist. Let it roll around in your head as you collect lots of ideas about the plot. Put things in the story that you love to read about yourself (those are called reader cookies:)) I like to have lots of mysterious spooky things in my story because that’s what I like to read. Hope that helps…

  4. Rachel

    Can you please write part four? I LOVE these entries!

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