VIRTUAL BOOK LAUNCH!!! Carnival of Secrets up on Kindle and Kobo


I’ve decided to have several book launches – hey, it’s been a long haul.
The electronic books for Carnival of Secrets are now up!!! If you want to read Carnival of Secrets on your electronic devices – eBook, Kindle, Kobo, you can now purchase it at Kobo or Amazon!!

If you prefer a print copy, you’ll have to wait a little longer because I’m still working on the printing which takes longer. Hopefully soon, but probably not until the New Year.

I’m also going to post the electronic version on Smashwords soon, making it available more places

In the meantime, one party at a time:) (You will have to copy and paste these links, or use the links on the side of the page)

Amazon Kindle:


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8 responses to “VIRTUAL BOOK LAUNCH!!! Carnival of Secrets up on Kindle and Kobo

  1. Judy

    OMG so excited, I’m adding this to my Christmas wish list!

  2. Pranita

    That’s great news!! I have a question though, is this the final Grim Hill book?

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